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Ego State Therapy 
Ego State Therapy was originated by  Dr.Jack Watkins and Helen Watkins. They found that giving a voice to disowned or dissociated aspects of self-enabled resolution of long-standing internal conflicts. Ken Genlik uses an imaging method called Dissociative Table, which was developed by George Fraser, to quickly access ego states.
Ego states are bundles of neural connections that hold consistent patterns of information, affect, attention, behavior, and sometimes, identity, which belong to different developmental ages or situations. Ego State Therapy allows therapists to assist clients to identify, heal, retrain, and integrate these states into a cohesive, functional whole that is oriented to the present.
Ego State Therapy typically involves identifying key parts of self-involved in internal dynamics related to “stuckness”, inner conflict, self-sabotage, child-like behavior, avoidance, criticalness, and/or many other presenting problems (certainly, anxiety, depression, anger, shame, trusting others, attachment, are all on the list). 
Ego State in Couples   
All of us have ego states of ourselves, with varying degrees of internal connection and  disconnection. In relationships parts of one person often have specific and significant effects on the parts of others, both positive and negative; moreover, these effects are frequently mutually interactive. These interactive dynamics often create problems and crises for couples. By understanding these dynamics we can turn crises into opportunities for intimacy, closeness and growth. 


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