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From Trauma to Hope 

Trauma Recovery Group for Syrian Refugees

Many Syrian refugees have been through traumatic experiences in the past several years. It can be devastating and destructive for their emotional, psychological, mental and physical health. They need support to heal and move forward on their journey to success in Canada.

This Trauma and Recovery Group is offered to them free of charge to work through any complex trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) they may be experiencing.



Dates and session times:


March  2, 2016 to April 13, 2016
10am – 11.30am




Registration Form


Treatment Orientation: 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This is a CBT and present focused group therapy, meaning that we focus on dealing with challenges and symptoms in the present moment, rather than re-telling the traumatic experiences of the past.


For more information please contact:


Ken Genlik, RSW, MMFT, RMFT, Psy.D. Cand.

Trauma and Relationship Expert


Phone: 204.260.6717

Fee:  Free

Location:  106-55 Nassau Street North

Participants: 7- 10 adults


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