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The impact of Coplex Trauma and PTSD can be invasive, long-term and immobilizing. PTSD can negatively affect your life, your work, your colleagues, the overall functioning of the organization, and the quality of assistance being provided to those you are working to help. PTSD influences the way you act and interact with people you love.  You may be  experience physical and emotional pain, anger, stress, terror, anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares, and other PTSD symptoms from the violent or gruesome images and events you are subjected to.This affects your family and friends. PTSD changes the way you see the world and your deepest sense of safety, trust, meaning, connection and hope. This training explores some of the strategies that can help you recognize, reduce, and transform the negative changes that come from PTSD in your professional and personal life.

Understanding and Addressing PTSD




Module I:
  • Definition of Stress, Trauma, PTSD  and Types of Trauma

  • Understand the process of PTSD, Anger, Shame and Guilt 

  • Physiology of PTSD and Complex Trauma

  • The Body and the Brain - PTSD

  • Unprocessed Traumatic Material, Memories and Cognitions

  • Types of Trauma Responses and Immediate Symptoms

  • Complex PTSD and Complex Traumatic Grief


Module II: This is a module that is customized specifically for your profession. 
  • Identify signs of PTSD

  • Barriers to Acceptance 

  • Survival Strategies, Dissociation and PTSD

  • Trauma, PTSD and Your Professional Role

  • Types of Trauma Responses and Longer Term Symptoms

  • Risk factors for PTSD

  • PTSD, Substance Abuse and Self-Harm

  • Strategies for addressing PTSD at Work


Module III:
  • Personality and PTSD

  • Transformation: Process of Change and PTSD 

  • Coping with PTSD 

  • Tools for Daily Functioning

Target Audience

This introductory and intermediate level training is designed for the following specific professions:

Social Workers, First Responders,

Correctional Officers, Lawyers,

Probation Officers, Firefighters, Nurses, Therapists, Teachers and

Police Officers

Method of Delivery

The workshop will involve profession specific case presentations and video excerpts, reflections as well as small group discussions and debriefs.

Price: $ 325/participant 
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