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ARPT Basic Clinical Training 2023

(4-day training)

Presenter: Dr. Ken Genlik

This training prepares clinicians for their work with individuals and couples with an ARPT lenses and focuses on the following ARPT-specific protocols: 

 ARPT for Secure Relation with Self and the Partner 

 ARPT for Self-Love and Self-worth 

 ARPT for Positive Self-esteem 

 ARPT for Rejection and Resentment 

 ARPT for Abandonment 

 ARPT for Loneliness 

 ARPT for Neglect 

 ARPT for Forgiveness 

 ARPT for Loss and Grief 

 ARPT for Trauma 

Training Objectives


At the completion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Describe the process of therapy, including the structure of a session

  • Describe the seven steps of the ARPT framework

  • Conceptualize and clearly understand the basic experiential and systemic concepts of an ARPT approach to therapy.

  • Conceptualize and clearly understand the Attachment Repair (AR) and Attachment Processing (AP) dimensions of ARPT through a neuroscientific perspective

  • Show a clear understanding of the ARPT- interventions with individuals and couples through systemic lenses 

  • Conceptualize and clearly understand ARPT’s client resourcing strategies through an AIP and RAS framework while supporting clients in activating their Social Engagement System

  • Describe the connection between ASSI and ARPT 

  • Develop skills in maintaining an engaged and open therapeutic partnership and a collaborative alliance with clients. 

  • Describe the seven steps of the ARPT framework 

  • Identify the four Attachment Survival States 

  • Utilize Attachogram™ with individuals and couples 



You must have the training and educational qualifications (master's or doctoral level) to legally practice as a professional mental health practitioner or be in formal training to be a professional mental health practitioner. You must be a registered member in good standing with a professional association. 

Cancellation Policy:

Three weeks and more (advance notice): A full refund will be issued minus $100 administrative costs.
Between 21-8 days' notice: 25 percent of the total fee will be refunded.
Less than one week's notice: We cannot offer a refund when cancelled within one week of the workshop date due to fixed costs and contractual obligations. When you enroll, it is with the understanding that you will attend. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible if you need to cancel your attendance.

Early bird: $1,200 (expires July 30, 2023)

Regular rate: $1,500

Instalment payments: $1,500 ($750 now; pay the remaining $750  by November30, 2023)

Students: $950 (5 spots available)

Payment methods: Interac e-Transfer and credit card 

Registration: Please use the registration form below 

Option 1 Live Online & In-person
(In Person option only for participants in Manitoba)
December 11 to December 14, 2023
9:00 am-5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time 

December training is a live hybrid event, accessible both online and in-person. Due to high demand, in-person sessions will be held in Winnipeg, and we especially invite attendees from Manitoba to join us there. The training is scheduled from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time to accommodate participants from all over the country. Please adjust the timing according to your local time zone, based on your specific province or state.

Location: TBD

Option 2 Online
February 26 to February 29, 202
49:00 am-5:00 pm CST 


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