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ARPT™ Consultant Criteria

Herbs of Grace

1. ARPT™ International Association Approved ARPT™ Basic Training

Provide a copy of your certificate of completion of an ARPTIA Approved Basic Training.

2. License/ Registration

Provide a copy of your license/registration to practice independently as a mental health professional in the state or province where you practice. 


3. Three Years of ARPT™ Experience

  • Do you have at least three years of experience after completing an ARPT™ Canada or ARPT™IA Approved ARPT™ Basic Training?

Applicants must have the minimum 3 years of experience after completion of the ARPT™ Basic Training.

4. Notarized Statement of ARPT™ Sessions

  • Have you conducted at least 400 ARPT™ sessions with at least 100 clients? 

Provide a notarized document supporting this statement. Applicants can simply state "I have conducted at least 400 ARPT™ sessions with at least 100 clients" or similar wording and then have it notarized.

5. (Fifteen)15 Hours of Consultation-of-Consultation by an ARPT™ Consultant in ARPT™

Fifteen hours of consultation-of-consultation are required. Provide documentation from the ARPT™ Consultant(s) who provided consultation-of-consultation to you. It must specify the exact number of consultation hours you received and designate how many of those were individual consultations and how many were group consultations. 

  • If you have received consultation from more than one ARPT™ Consultant, you will need documentation from each one.

  • Consultation-of-consultation groups cannot exceed more than six ARPT™ Consultants-in-Training at any one time.

  • Only consultation hours received after becoming an ARPT™ Certified Therapist can be applied towards this requirement.

  • At least 7 of the hours must be obtained through individual, ARPT™-focused Consultation-of-Consultation. The remaining 8 hours may be obtained through small group consultation. Consultation groups cannot exceed more than six participants at a time.

6. ARPT™ Consultant Letter(s) of Recommendation

Provide letter(s) from one or more ARPT™ Consultant(s) addressing the quality of your consultation in ARPT™ to others.

  • Letters may include documentation of consultation hours as required above. 

7. Letters of Recommendation Regarding Professional Practice

Provide two letters of recommendation regarding your professional utilization of ARPT™ in clinical practice, consultation abilities, ethics in practice, and professional character. These letters may be from colleagues or peers.

8. ARPT™ International Association Policies Agreement

Applicants must read and verify on the application form that they agree to adhere to ARPATIA Policies.

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